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Douglas Octoberfest 2012

November 17, 2012

BER at City Hall [gallery]

Check out these photos that Steve Benoit at Boston Concert Photography took of Big Eyed Rabbit playing in front of City Hall in Worcester MA.

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August 18, 2012

Thank You Tweed!

The Tweed River Music Festival was incredible! Thank you Tweed for having us and thank you to all the new fans that picked up our new CD, bought a t-shirt and said hello.

You can grab a copy of our new album here!

Pick up a copy at the next Big Eyed Rabbit show!

August 7, 2012

Big Eyed Rabbit Live at Tweed 2012

Big Eyed Rabbit live at the 2012 Tweed River Music Festival ! Download/Listen Here

August 6, 2012

Thank You Worcester!

Great time in Worcester last night at The Lucky Dog! We’re heading in to the studio this month to begin work on our first EP. Check back soon for more updates.

Big Eyed Rabbit May 18, 2012 at The Lucky Dog, Worcester MA. Photo: Arlene

May 19, 2012

New T-Shirts

New Big Eyed Rabbit shirts being silk-screened by the fantastic Amy and Dave at Brilliant Riot in Worcester MA. These shirts are available at shows and soon on this website.

May 17, 2012

Big Eyed Rabbit with New Pilot

Big Eyed Rabbit is thrilled to have been asked to be a part of New Pilot’s CD Release Party at The Lucky Dog on May 18th. Also on the bill is the fantastic “Hey Now, Morris Fader“. We hope to see you there!


May 9, 2012 on B.E.R. Live

“Rob and Steal” (live), by Big Eyed Rabbit: Recorded at the Dive Bar, this down-and-dirty blues groove with local music titans Jon Short, Duncan Arsenault and Jeff Burch is a shot of bourbon after a long day. The recording on the vocals is a little muddy (live, whattaya gonna do?) but oh, my, that guitar has a way of washing the world away and just letting you sink into it.” – Victor D. Infante,


May 3, 2012

Photos from April 7 at The Dog

Thank you Matt Robert for sharing these photos from Big Eyed Rabbit’s show at The Lucky Dog in Worcester on April 7. Visit Matt’s site

more pics here

April 20, 2012

RIP Scott Ricciuti

We all mourn the loss of our dear dear friend and musical comrade Scott Ricciuti. We are playing tonights show at The Lucky Dog for him. The Lucky Dog has graciously let us start at 9PM so that we could play a little longer than we originally planned. We all feel blue and we all feel the need to get out some emotion tonight. Like any good musician, Scott communicated best through his music. We hope to do that for him this evening.


April 7, 2012
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