Big Eyed Rabbit

WoMag on Big Eyed Rabbit

Matt Robert at the Worcester Magazine writes about how the band got started.

Titles aside, though, Big Eyed Rabbit plays a loud, joyful and visceral stew of John Lee Hooker groove built on Jeff’s deep bass and Duncan’s swinging, forceful drumming, underpinning Jon’s analog tube amp growl, rife with open-note harmonics and reliable alternating thumb-picked bass notes, while he sings about matters of love or relationship entanglements.

The story is in the behind-the-scenes aspects of the band: the vetting process that brought this particular lineup together, the approach to the stage act and recording, and a general philosophy that, though backed by unshakable conviction on the part of the band members, can nevertheless be difficult to articulate.

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Big Eyed Rabbit and WHAT in Worcester

Big Eyed Rabbit is excited to be sharing a bill with WHAT on February 9th at The Lucky Dog Music Hall in Worcester MA. The Lucky Dog is the room that the debut EP was recorded in and always produces a bigger and more raucous sound. Check out that recording below and get out and see Big Eyed Rabbit  and WHAT for a night of great music in a legendary venue.

Saturday February 9, 2013
The Lucky Dog Music Hall
89 Green St
Worcester MA
doors at 9pm, 21+
check out WHAT here
Facebook Event
Big Eyed Rabbit and WHAT at The Lucky Dog

Big Eyed Rabbit with New Pilot

Big Eyed Rabbit is thrilled to have been asked to be a part of New Pilot’s CD Release Party at The Lucky Dog on May 18th. Also on the bill is the fantastic “Hey Now, Morris Fader“. We hope to see you there! on B.E.R. Live

“Rob and Steal” (live), by Big Eyed Rabbit: Recorded at the Dive Bar, this down-and-dirty blues groove with local music titans Jon Short, Duncan Arsenault and Jeff Burch is a shot of bourbon after a long day. The recording on the vocals is a little muddy (live, whattaya gonna do?) but oh, my, that guitar has a way of washing the world away and just letting you sink into it.” – Victor D. Infante,


RIP Scott Ricciuti

We all mourn the loss of our dear dear friend and musical comrade Scott Ricciuti. We are playing tonights show at The Lucky Dog for him. The Lucky Dog has graciously let us start at 9PM so that we could play a little longer than we originally planned. We all feel blue and we all feel the need to get out some emotion tonight. Like any good musician, Scott communicated best through his music. We hope to do that for him this evening.


Photos From New England Bloody Roots Festival

Photos of Big Eyed Rabbit at the New England Bloody Roots Festival at Ralph’s Diner in Worcester MA. Thank you Ted Theodore for the photos and James Keyes for the invite to the festival!

Big Eyed Rabbit at The Open Road Festival

Here are a few photos taken at The Open Road Festivalat Institute Park in Worcester MA by Joyce Michaud Photography in September 2011.