Big Eyed Rabbit


Big Eyed Rabbit

Jon Short – vocals, guitar
Jeff Burch – bass
Duncan Arsenault – drums


Take a barrellhouse rhythm section laying down a bed of gravel to kick your vices in. Pair that with a man so infatuated and saturated with “Hill Country Blues” and then process thru a meat grinder. The result is one Big Eyed Rabbit. Jon Short, Jeff Burch and Duncan Arsenault have created a sound that swells in the fine tradition of electric blues. A sonic pallette capable of the prettiest of melodies to the grimiest of stomps all within minutes of each other. No strangers to the stage, these gentlemen release themselves to the songs and it shows.


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Big Eyed Rabbit: This down-and-dirty blues groove with local music titans Jon Short, Duncan Arsenault and Jeff Burch is a shot of bourbon after a long day.  Oh, my, that guitar has a way of washing the world away and just letting you sink into it.

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